How to apply

How do I know what the current vacancies are? 

Our current vacancies can be found on this site. 

As soon as the closing date for a vacancy has passed it will no longer be available and applications will no longer be accepted. The closing date is displayed alongside all vacancies so please ensure you are aware of this for any vacancies you wish to apply for.

How to apply for a vacancy

We only accept applications made via our online vacancy system.

If you wish to make an online application you will need to register to access the secure application part of this site. To register you simply need to provide some personal details which will go some way to completing the first stage of the application process. Please note, you will be able to change this information at Stage 1 of the application process if required.

Once you have registered you will have access to the secure application process, which consists of eight steps in which we will ask you for the information required for your chosen vacancy. You will need to complete each step fully before you can submit your application for consideration. Please note, your information is only available to us once you have submitted the application in the final step.

You do not need to complete the whole application process in one go. If you do not have time or the information required is not at hand you may complete the rest of the application at another time. As you proceed through each step of the application process your details are saved and so when you return the information you entered will be retained. To complete an application, or to submit subsequent applications, simply login using your email address and the password you created when you registered.

Once we have received your application

You will receive an automatic email confirming receipt of your application. You should hear from us within four weeks if you are shortlisted for interview, otherwise you should assume that you have been unsuccessful.

How will you know the decision of your application? 

You will be sent an email within four weeks of the closing date informing you whether or not you have been shortlisted for the role.


Universities UK does not issue certificates of sponsorship for overseas applicants.




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